How to Overcome Anxiety with Perception
How to Overcome Anxiety with Perception

I just finished a video about how to manage your emotions to overcome anxiety and emotional intelligence. Strategies you can use to manage disagreements, arguments and complicated communications and interactions.

Much of your emotions are based on your perceptions. Your perceptions can distort your experiences in life. You will learn here how to overcome anxiety and fear by managing your perception of events and people. 

By controlling your perceptions, your judgements and really knowing yourself you can decide what you will experience. Whether you have a good experience, a positive experience, favorable experience, with an event, or you experience anxiety, fear and a general unpleasant, negative experience with a particular person or event. 

This can apply to dinner party, public speaking, a job interview, strike up a conversation with someone of the opposite sex, speaking with an ex-spouse. Regardless of the application it’s a very powerful skill to master. 

Nazi concentration camps survivor Victor Frankl who wrote in  Man’s search for Meaning.

By the way, I highly recommend reading because learning to focus your attention on the positive, on gratitude will help you cope with even the most difficult of circumstances. Fear of public speaking etc… is nothing compared to what many people went through in the 30´s and 40´s. In fact, many survived because of their ability to manage their emotions.

Just the other day I had a session with a coaching client who had an issue with childhood trauma. Obviously, emotions generally aren’t logical but the reason the coaching client felt insecure, anxiety and fear was because they were focusing on what´s not perfect in their life. 

The other option would be to be grateful for more than 1000x things that are good in their life. Frequently we forget about things like health, a good job, loving family etc… which we take for granted what a mistake!

What cause anxiety?

What cause anxiety?

When you feel fear or anxiety in your body. Basically what is happening is that adrenaline is released and rushes through your blood and body.

But you choose how to interpret this feeling of adrenaline. Either you interpreted it as anxiety or excitement

Think about going on a roller coaster. Most people get excited about that experience. But interestingly the exact same chemicals are released in your body before going in front of a large crowd to speak, job interview or whatever. the determiner is your interpretation of the event and thus perception

So keep this in mind before your next presentation, speaking public event, job interview or whatever it’s that triggers your anxiety.

Psychologists call framing, Is the way you choose to perceive an event. It’s really, really critical that we get a grasp on this if we want to be able to handle any sort of fear, anxiety, phobias and all that kind of stuff that we have. 

The phobias are another story for another article. So we want to talk about that specifically. 

But to recap, anxiety and excitement are the same chemical release but then you decide how to interpret it based on past experiences, how you speak to yourself, like the questions you ask yourself and what your parents taught you as a small child but don’t go blaming your parents. It’s up to you to learn re-program or rewire your brain

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