Why is corporate training for intercultural communication important?

Imagine you are talking with someone in a different part of the world about something they are going to do for you. You ask them when they are going to get started and they say “right away.” Based on the culture you grew up in, “right away” means immediately and you expect them to get started as soon as you are finished talking.

But, to them, “right away” means when they are done with the current task they are working on and they are able to get to your task some time next week.

Even though you’re both using the same language, each of you attaches a different meaning to the words being spoken. Your cultures each have a different understanding of time orientation.

This is why corporate intercultural training is crucial in today’s global business world.

It gives you the ability to understand people from other cultures and backgrounds on a much deeper level than what is merely said. It can also save you from potential embarrassment or accidentally insulting someone whose culture you are unfamiliar with.

For example, in much of the world, business cards are treated casually and are handed out without much thought. But, in Japanese culture, business cards are extremely important and they should be treated with some reverence by both the giver and receiver.

In today’s ever expanding remote work environment, social skills like being able to understand cultural differences, are more important than ever. Because of our virtual global work environment, more and more people are dealing with a diverse team across the world and we all need to understand each other.

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How can a corporate trainer who specializes in multicultural communication help you?

We live in a multicultural world and business happens across the globe. If you want to succeed in today’s world, you need to go beyond your own lived experiences and learn to communicate with people who grew up in completely different cultures with completely different backgrounds and ways of interpreting the world.
Intercultural communication coaching helps you:
If you do business primarily with people from one other culture, you can also choose to receive corporate training in just a single other culture. For example, if you have suppliers in China, but you don’t deal with people from any other country on a regular basis, you may opt for corporate cultural training for Chinese culture.

What do you get from an intercultural communications corporate training workshop?

An intercultural communication workshop will help you build awareness of the various cultural norms of the community you work with, overcome any perceived cultural barriers between team members, enhance your self-awareness, and improve your overall communication skills.
As an intercultural communication coach, I focus on the dynamics of spoken and unspoken communication across cultures. In the workshop, we explore the intricacies of what happens when two people from different cultures meet. But we also go further and examine how a diverse group of people from different cultures and ethnicities can communicate smoothly with each other despite their cultural differences.

It's all about to overcome any perceived cultural barriers between team members

You will learn

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