Could You Close
A Sale If Your LIFE Depended On It?

Former spy gives sales teams an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE
— the communication skills used by intelligence agents to maintain their covers.

Spies are the best salespeople in the world.
What does a spy do but sell the story that they are not a foreign intelligence operative?
… and sell it to the most incredulous prospects in the world — international criminals and bureaucrats of hostile governments.
Needless to say, if they don’t close the deal, the consequences are far more dire than missing the rent or losing a job.
The consequences could be imprisonment. Torture. Death.

Most sales aren’t life-or-death … and most sales training programs don’t treat them that way …

… relying on rote memorization and scripts, if/then sequences that leave the sales team little better than a chatbot.

But even if no actual lives are on the line, a stellar sales team can be life-or-death for a COMPANY.

85% of all companies fail within the first 10 years.

A mediocre sales process is a guaranteed path to becoming one of that 85%.

… the 85% who can’t compete, even if their product is the best of its kind.

Wouldn’t it be painful to watch inferior companies run circles around you and let them push you out of business …

… not because their products are better, but because they know how to sell like spies?

Dr Weber

A former covert operative, Dr Weber had to maintain cover stories and build trust with arms dealers, terrorists, and international crime syndicates — all while secretly working for international law enforcement agencies. He honed his skills of communication and persuasion under the highest stakes possible. Now those skills are yours for the taking.

Stop sending your sales team to the slaughter. Arm them with the communication skills they need to close the deal like their lives depend on it:

Sales Psychology and Strategy

by Dr Weber

A 9-module course, taught by a former spy, that skips the BS and drives right to the heart of what it takes to close sales under pressure

Buyer Psychology

Step into the minds of your buyers, so you can increase their buying temperature at will by knowing exactly what to say when.

The 7 Secret Questions

Your buyers won’t ask … but they need to have answered before they are ready to sign on the dotted line

A 4-Part Sales Success Formula

That even the shyest wallflower can use to become a lethal closer.

Soft Sales Skills That No Chatbot Can Ever Reproduce

Including emotional intelligence, strategic empathy, and relationship selling.

Live Demonstrations of Successful Sales

So you can see exactly what the goal is.

Sales Training Program

Other sales training programs cost thousands.
This most concise and impactful of sales training
courses can be added to your arsenal for only


  • Buyer Psychology (9 Video Training Sessions)
  • Influence And Persuasion (1 Video Training Session)
  • The Sales Success Formula (4 Video Training Sessions)
  • Emotional Intelligence (2 Video Training Sessions)
  • Strategic Empathy (3 Video Training Sessions)
  • Relationship Selling (1 Video Training Session)
  • Consultative Sales (3 Video Training Sessions)
  • Successful Sales Presentations (3 Video Training Sessions)

All this available to you within minutes of your purchase.
No more waiting and hoping for results.

YES! I want my sales team to learn the sales skills of spies.

But that’s not all …
If you purchase today, you will get access to

Building Rapport.
Learn the principles spies use to influence, persuade, and overcome objections by building rapport. Includes critical words to use vs. what not to use — 99% of sales people make these critical, easy-to-fix mistakes. (£300 value)

Body Language Basics.
The tradecraft of non-verbal communication — learn to read body language to gain the upper hand in any interaction where persuasion leads to profit. (£200 value)

That’s not all … if you purchase today, you will get access to
EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT available nowhere else

How to Read a Person’s Body Language — HANDS AND ARMS

How to Read Lip Expressions and Facial Expressions


Consultative Sellings vs. Transactional Selling


That’s £1,450 worth of content … for only £249.00

30 Day Unconditional

Money-Back Guarantee

There’s absolutely no risk. Buy the course and take it in … If you’re not satisfied for any reasonwithin 30 days of purchase, we will cheerfully process a full refund.

Don’t let your sales team spend one more day unarmed in hostile territory

Decision Time

You could continue to let your sales flounder and struggle with the same tired sales tactics or you could transform your sales team with the persuasion tools of spies.

Ready to take action and give your sales department an unfair advantage?

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