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Need some assistance in improving your relationships, career prospects, or just feeling more productive and happy in day-to-day life? Then my communication skills training and Life Coaching services are for you. 

As an effective communications coach, I will guide you step-by-step to clarify your goals, identify the obstacles, and develop strategies to dramatically transform you so you can achieve your dreams. 

Through my communication training, you will improve your communication skills, learn how to convey your message appropriately, practice good body language, gain confidence in your communication interactions, and learn to acknowledge others. 

Experience the positive impact on your relationships, career, and everyday life. With my communication skills coaching, you will learn how your day-to-day life will be dramatically transformed.


We spend 76% of our waking hours communicating in one form or another. Without communication skills, misunderstanding and frustration can occur. In other words, if you cannot communicate well, you are immediately at a disadvantage. 

Communication is the number one skill which other talents and competencies are built. With my communication coaching, you’ll learn to negotiate better, whether that be for a lucrative promotion or a diplomatic strategy with your life partner who keeps asking you to make them coffee in the morning.


74% of People Suffer from Speech Anxiety,. making those who are confident speakers incredibly valuable. Fear of Public Speaking results in 30% less Earnings. 

People comfortable with giving presentations earn 30% more on average than those who are fearful of speaking in public. Fear of Public Speaking limits promotion by much more than 30%. Everyone should know likewise, that poor public speakers are disadvantaged when it comes to career progression and success.

With my training on communication skills and leadership communication training, you will feel confident enough to speak in front of your supervisors and co-workers. You will become a proud public speaker and develop the public speaking skills you need to meet your goals.


Headshot of Oscar Rugama López | Dr Weber Coaching

Oscar Rugama López

Executive MBA- Product Owner at Iberdrola International Retail

I can say he has been the best trainer I´ve ever met. The time I share with him was amazing as I don´t have words to describe it. If I have the opportunity again I would absolutely attend additional training again with John in the future. My sincere hope is for you to have the opportunity to experience one Johns training seminars or workshops in the future.

Headshot of Pilar Morago | Dr Weber Coaching

Pilar Morago

Associate Director Facilities, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Algeria and Morocco at Merck Sharp and Dohme

Durante el año 2016, he tenido la oportunidad de asistir a las clases de inglés de John English. En este tiempo, no sólo hablamos en inglés todo el tiempo, sino que Aaron tiene la habilidad de poder hablar con expertise de técnicas que van más allá de lo que se espera de una clase de habla inglesa. Así en estos meses, me ha formado sobre Técnicas de Negociación, Técnicas de como Hablar en Público, Liderazgo, Organización del tiempo etc… Es una de las personas que haya conocido jamás que más tiempo diario emplea en formarse y aprender y, además, disfruta ayudando y transmitiendo dichos conocimientos. Estoy segura de que conseguirá todo aquello que se proponga, tiene la determinación para lograrlo.

Headshot of Marta Martínez | Dr Weber Coaching

Marta Martínez

General Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa at IBM

I am passionate about combining human talent and technology to power innovative transformations. For that, I always put people front and center and strive to understand clients’ ambitions and challenges. That is the starting point to then engage the right expertise to help teams and organizations thrive.
Throughout my career, I have always believed that the aim of every business and technology needs to be helping people, companies and institutions to live and work better, solving problems and creating new value.

Headshot of Javier Plaza de Agustín | Dr Weber Coaching

Javier Plaza de Agustín

LNG & Gas Trader en Iberdrola

Uno de los mejores profesores de inglés que he conocido. Hace las

Headshot of Jose Piles | Dr Weber Coaching

Jose Piles

LNG/Gas Trading & Operations

With unique ability to motivate, listen and inspire, John delivers awesome corporate training sessions on Communication and Managerial Skills. He is a tireless worker and an excellent coach thanks to his natural talent and wide professional experience.

Headshot of Sonia España | Dr Weber Coaching

Sonia España

Especialista Técnico en SAP HCM en Iberdrola

I would recommend everyone to attend one of his courses. John explained his lessons in a dynamic way and adapted the material to our specific needs. I found really interesting how he could find a balance between teaching English and business skils. In my opinion, the key of his success is that he really enjoys his job and everything related to communication skills.

Headshot of Sara Gutiérrez Garcés | Dr Weber Coaching

Sara Gutiérrez Garcés

Product Manager Customer Service Marketing

Este año 2016 he tenido la suerte de conocer a John. Es un gran profesional y un excelente corporate trainer. Me ayudó a desarrollar mis habilidades profesionales de forma eficaz y dinámica.

Headshot of Juan Antonio N. | Dr Weber Coaching

Juan Antonio N.

biztribution Founder & CEO

Coaching Ejecutivo is the perfect partner to get professional mentoring and different business techniques to improve your professional skills in English or in Spanish. If you are looking for leaders’ interesting ideas or just innovative and different ways to accomplish your professional targets, Coaching Ejecutivo is what your need!

Headshot of Lara Recuero | Dr Weber Coaching

Lara Recuero

Global Corporative Communication Manager at Insud Pharma

John es un profesor excelente. Te hace perder el miedo a hablar en público prácticamente desde el minuto cero. Es muy profesional con clases dinámicas, llenas de trucos y guiando perfectamente hacia una práctica consolidada y trabajada.

Headshot of Désirée Reina Ruiz-Constantino | Dr Weber Coaching

Désirée Reina Ruiz-Constantino

Head of Communication in Siemens Healthineers

John its an intuitive teacher. Very creative, and close. Prepare each class with intensity . Its an amazing teacher!!


Need Advice?

In an ever-changing world, upgrading yourself and enhancing your professional and life skills is a must. With our communication skills coaching sessions, we can guide you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. As a top-level communication coach, I strive to help you reach your goals and dreams. Get insights and discover how our communication skills training can help you grow.

Online Communications Training

Supercharge your people skills for success with our business communication skills training. Quickly understand and read people. Learn to identify your customers’ “desires” and “needs” and become an expert at sales communication! 

Once you learn to identify someone’s motives and desired outcome, persuasion and selling become very easy. After you complete my communications training, you’ll be able to easily identify how your product or service best solves their problems and helps your client achieve their goals.

My Story

As a communication coach and speaker – I like to think I have a very well-developed understanding of how to read people and communicate more effectively. But it was not always this way. In fact, as a child and teenager I was quite insecure and a bit of an outsider. 

I saw other people succeed and handle challenges with such ease – I couldn’t understand why it came so easily to them. This kick-started a personal journey that started at the age of 19 – call it self-improvement and development. 

I absorbed the trainings, techniques, and strategies of master communicators like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tim Sandler, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bandler, and a bunch of others, etc. And then I applied them to my own life. Many didn’t work. Some were overly complicated. 

But as I started to understand what worked for me, and refined some of the principles, I started to see the results.

Johne English - My Story

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