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A bedrock skill

Communication isn’t just another personal and business skill – it is foundational. A bedrock skill on top of which other talents and competencies are built.

We spend 76% of our waking hours communicating in one form or another. If you cannot communicate well, you are immediately at a disadvantage in most spheres of your life and work.

Even when you say the right words, communication can fail due to bad non-verbal signals or using the wrong tone of voice – in fact, 90% of disagreements are caused by simply using the incorrect tone.

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Unlock the Full Power of Communication

My name is John and I am an experienced communication coach and speaker with a lifelong passion for the studying of human behavior.

For the past 20 years, I have been helping people and businesses find their voice, communicate more effectively and harness the power of persuasion.

I can teach anyone how to:

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