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International speaker, teacher, businessman, and published author DR Weber is a student of human behaviour spanning several decades. His experiences, education, and insight as well as studies into the fields of neuroscience and NLP provides a solid platform in assisting people find inner peace and achieve success in every facet of life.

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DR WEBER’s studies drew him to MIU University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business with honours. He devoted time to studying post-graduate courses from Wharton School of Business and Harvard University.

He also had the distinct honour of learning directly from some of the world’s foremost mentors and guides, including Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, John Grinder, and Richard Bandler.


DR WEBER's has been an accomplished corporate trainer for years, helping employees and executives improve their skills in public speaking, sales strategies and techniques, negotiation tactics, and boost their overall communication skills.

DR WEBER's has studied communication, human behaviour, and linguistics over the past two decades and is currently compiling the profound and life-changing secrets he’s uncovered in his fourth book that focuses on persuasion and influence.


Because of DR WEBER’s innumerable experiences working with some of the globe’s leading corporations and leaders, he has been featured in a range of international magazines, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, and national publications in Spain.


DR WEBER delivers unique and enduring insights that provide life-changing transformation. Through multi-faceted sessions and workshops, his guidance will help you discover and deepen your knowledge of pedagogical techniques and approaches. These include: mindmapping, relaxation, NLP approach, and more.

DR WEBER’s experience is top-level and each student he mentors will be transformed and renewed in their insight and presence of mind, which will create more influence and persuasive strategies to be a more profound voice in whatever field you pursue.

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