Learn to Overcome the Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind


In this article you’re going to learn how to master yourself, your mind, your thoughts and lastly and most important how to master your emotions.


You know, if you want to be a role model for other people or an effective leader. You need to first learn to master yourself, at least according to Peter Drucker and Socrates both used to say, know thyself.


So how do we go about mastering ourselves? 

Well, one very important tool for leadership and for good people skills is using emotional intelligence


We can develop our emotional intelligence by learning to identify our own emotions first. 

How do we learn to identify our emotions through? 


Through meditation is probably the easiest and the quickest way such as a mindfulness meditation practice.


However, because people have different life experiences, different types of meditations might work better for certain types of people than others.


So without actually knowing you, it’s hard for me to say use this type of meditation or that.

In general I would say a mindfulness meditation easiest to learn how to identify your emotions as they arise and learn to  control those feelings and your natural impulses. 


So when you’re dealing with somebody and you realize, OK, I’m feel angry right now. You´ll learn to put that emotion aside, for the moment. So you can deal with this person effectively. 


Particularly as a role model, leader, as a motivator or whatever your role is in that situation. 


You can learn more about mastering yourself, mastering your emotions and mastering your monkey mind by watching the video below 😊


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