Negotiation and Sales

Learn why you need good communication skills to be successful in leaderships, negotiations and sales. As an excellent communicator you´ll be a more effective leaders and more successfully in all aspects of your life.


Understanding Body Language for Sales Success

There is a lot of nonsense around about non-verbal techniques for sales success. As an expert in body language, I can tell you; you (or anyone else) can’t completely control all your own non-verbal behavior. But you can benefit from reading other people’s non-verbal gestures to get clues about what they subconsciously feel at that …

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Overcome 6 Sales Objections

Overcome 6 Sales Objections

It can take a lot of time and money to attract new customers to your business. You don’t want that effort and investment to go to waste with a one-time shopping experience. You put all that effort into getting the customer, and now you need…

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