The Power of Asking Yourself Empowering Questions

Empower yourself with the types of Questions You Ask yourself

Have you ever considered how much time and energy you throw away procrastinating or not taking action at all?

The types of questions you ask yourself can motivate you or immobilise you, create paralysis and an inability to take action.

I feel bad because I need to do this, I need to do that, I need to get to the gym, I need to make those cold calls, I need to stop eating cakes and sweets, I need to get in shape, I need to smoke less, I need to drink less etc…

You’re about to discover one of the most powerful, highly effective and yet unknown tools that you can use to empower your mind, solve problems, re-focus your emotions and attitude, and that’s learning the Power of questions.

Learning instead of asking questions that magnify your bad feelings, you can start to ask questions that make your bad feelings irrelevant and make your good feelings bubble up.

Imagine questions are like a knife; You slice a watermelon; this part is left, this part is gone when you slice out the bad watermelon for yourself; that's just Plain stupid!

The question is, “What’s on the other side of the knife?”
When you ask the right questions, you’ll receive an empowering answer, rather than asking yourself disempowering questions that increase your negative emotions.

Make a habit of asking yourself empowering questions that diminish those terrible feelings and boost your good feelings.
Ask questions that switch fear and anxiety to curiosity. Let’s say you’re experiencing anxiety or fear in a social setting, like at a cocktail party. Ask yourself, “I wonder who else feels scared? Who can I go to and cheer them up?”
You can discover how easy it is to control your emotions and reach your goals by making a habit of asking yourself the types of questions that will propel you toward your target.
Try asking yourself, is it useful to ask yourself this question? How does asking this question empower me or even another person? Does this question propel me forward down the road towards my goals?
Good questions lead to different behaviour, it opens more options for you, it gives you more choices, and it gives you much more freedom to do what most benefits you.

An example for the shy person asking themself, what would happen if I did? Who feels worse
than me and I could talk to and reassure?

If you look across the room at some stranger and they look like they might be interesting, you walk up, say hello and if they turn out to be assholes! One, you just need to realise that they are the ones with the problem! Two, they are not the type of person you want to have in your life. Three, you can tell yourself, “I need to look differently and pick people differently.”

One great way to use the Power of questions is to ask yourself: How much time do you waste worrying about and never get it done!

If you look at time as a commodity and you find your time is frequently wasted without
producing productive results, then by asking yourself empowering questions, you’ll make better
decisions and encounter better outcomes

Of course, it’s good to learn from past mistakes so as not to repeat them. But remembering, then dwelling and then feeling bad about something that happened ten years ago is a waste of your time and energy.
Wouldn’t it be more productive for you to spend your time on something productive that makes you feel good?

"Good questions can lead to a good plan."
-Don Weber

Here you’ve read and learnt a few ideas that can help you in most areas of your life. Whether to
reach your goals, realign your emotional state by transforming your negative feelings into
positive ones. That will result in a happier, more fulfilling life.

The trick here is for you to learn to identify those disempowering questions, and then you stop
and ask yourself instead empowering questions.

List of EMpowering Questions

Find Your Inner Strength With These Inspiring Questions

How can gratitude transform your life? Yes, change can feel scary but staying in your comfort
zone is a coward’s choice.

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