7 ways Overcome Negative Emotions

Today we’re going to explain 7 ways to overcome negative emotions.

You’ll learn how to change your negative emotional state very quickly, you know, generally if you’re feeling down or crummy it’s normally because of our internal dialogue. What you say to yourself.  

What Anthony Robbins says is the first thing we should do is examine our limiting beliefs when trying to change our negative emotional state. 

Why are identifying our limiting beliefs important? 

Because what we believe or the beliefs we hold about a subject many actually hold us back from feelings “💯” percent, feeling fulfilled, feeling happy and from even achieving our goals.

Our internal dialogue typically comes from our beliefs about things. It affects how we see and perceive things and thus how we speak to ourselves. 

Sound simple?

If you’re not feeling good about something about yourselves or about a situation. It often has to do with the types of questions that you’re asking yourselves

  • I’ve noticed a lot of people miss this because they’re not observant or subtle enough to actually identify their own brain processes or their own brain thoughts


  • Most people get confused and think and believe they are their thoughts when in reality the mind is just a tool

Such as your foot 🦶 which most of us use for walking.

The mind 🧠 is a tool we use for thinking but the mind isn’t you

However, people get lost in the habit believing the mind is you. If that were all we were that might be rather limiting 😉.

So I can guarantee you, if you’re not feeling good about something, it’s because you’re asking yourself the wrong questions. Like why this has always happened to me, why am I always the victim? Why do people always treat me like this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? 

Rather than asking empowering questions like: What can I do to change the situation? 

How can I change the situation? 

So using like how and what questions are much more powerful for changing our internal state. Than asking why questions.

In my sales training and other communication courses I show you how to ask smart strategic questions to create rapport and  influence.

A third is learning to adjust your body language and posture.

Harvard University,  Amy Cummings conducted research that demonstrated after participants used power poses, people felt stronger, that their levels of testosterone when measured actually increased. (Testosterone increase maybe not so good for the ladies🧔)

But all groups felt significantly more confident in what they were doing. 

Now, that’s a really cool research study. I should point out that there were some discrepancies about when the study was repeated. 

But it does make sense. I mean, if you think about it, they teach police women to stand with their legs in particular to display confidence and control. And they I’m certain this is done for a reason. 

So you should try just for a moment, standing up, shoulders down, chest out, taking in full breaths of air, and you’ll notice that you’ve shifted your mental state at least temporarily.

There’s an old school of thought that says what has a bigger effect on our emotional state? 

Is it the mind over the body or the body over the mind? And it’s been an ongoing debate for years.  

Tony Robbins says the physiology over the over the emotions. And I tend to agree with him. His argument is simple. 

If you want to see somebody have an emotional change or a mental state change really quick, you know, give them some alcohol or drugs and see how fast they’ll change. 

That’s an example of changing mental state by using your physiology, similar in a way to using power poses, exercise to adjust your mental state.

Obviously, the way we think and the types of questions we ask ourselves also will affect our physiology over the long term. 

But if you want a quick change in mindset , you want to change your physiology. 

You probably are aware you can do this through unhealthy activities like alcohol, tobacco or drugs. 

But you can change or manage your negative emotional state through healthy habits.

You know, maybe can go for a walk, a run, yoga can be great or practice favourite exercise,  

Emotional management might require a change activities, maybe read a book, listen to music. I am a bit of a weirdo, practice different breathing exercises and practice meditation.

 For some people, some things are better triggers and  work better than others. 

Always keep that in mind what works for one person might not be as effective as for another person.

There’s no one fix solution for everybody. 

See my video 7 Ways Overcome Negative Emotions and what you can d



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