Psychology of Sales Success

A Look at Sales Psychology

Behavioural psychology tells a lot about consumer buying behaviour. Consumers are heavily influenced by a number of biases, including their emotions and environmental cues. So how do you tap into that as their sales consultant?

The psychology of the sales and buying process dictates that the seller must think about these motivations. They have to figure out how to appeal to the primary needs of the buyer that lead them to make their buying decisions.

Here are some major motivators for customers:

  • Will it save time?

  • Will it make their lives more convenient?

  • Will it speed up a particular process to increase time and efficacy?

  • Does the product or service offer an increased feeling of prestige, status, or beauty (personally or materially)?

Customers are also strongly motivated by ego. Ego is a major buying motivator, especially when your product or service will make them feel better than others.

People buy products largely based upon how they anticipate they will feel. Are they going to feel happier, be thinner, feel prouder, or be more admired?

This anticipated emotional change is going to affect their buying decision. You don’t need to be the best in the world, but you do need to be the best for them at that time, all things considered.

Why Is Interpersonal Communication Crucial to Sales Success?

Before we delve into the “how” here, let’s take a look at the “why”: why are interpersonal skills so important for sales success?

The psychology of interpersonal relationships shows that the behaviour of each person will influence the outcome of the other in these relationships. When you’re in a sales setting, this type of personal influence is crucial.

Now more than ever, trying to “sell” to someone just doesn’t work anymore. If you want to close the deal and score a lifelong client, you’ll need to take things a step further. You’ll need to really understand your client’s needs rather than trying to push something they might not want.


Without a thorough understanding of what the prospect or client needs (and wants), you simply can’t sell to them as successfully as you would otherwise. This understanding is referred to as psychographics, and it’s crucial to your sales success.


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