The 3 E’s of Public Speaking

3 E´s Presentations Skills


I gonna teach you deadly mistakes of a poor presentation and strategies to make all of your presentation 100% more effective.


1.          E – Energize: whether audience is 1 or 1000 be peak at energy level and transfer that energy to your audience. You do this by gradually building the energy in the room and once they are energized you move to entertain. In our public speaking seminars we teach you how.

2.          E – Entertain: When you are having fun and involving the audience with the information keep them entertained and at the same time share your information. You want to leave and say, “I am glad I had the chance to spend some time with that person.” Even if they weren’t fully interested in what you where teaching or selling.

3.          E – Educate: Inspire your audience giving them high quality educational value. You want to leave them feeling inspired, better informed and more educated on the subject than when they arrived.

4.          C – Confidence: This come from practise and experience. If you don´t feel confident at least act as if your were.

5.          Prepare for your presentation as if every word you say will be quoted later in the press. Imagine it´ll be your last presentation and legacy that you will leave behind. This will help make you and presentation shine as your audience deserves.

6.          Save the best for last, because if you show the best first everything else you show or present will be compared to the best and look worse. You gradually build up excitement, it´s kinda like sex.


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– John English – Communication Coach

                             And don´t forget to smile !!😃