What is Ho’oponopono and how can it help you manage stress and release tension?

There’s a story which I am unable to verify, where this ancient Hawaiian practice was used in a mental institution for the criminally insane by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. The story goes that he was able to heal most of the criminally insane patients with this practice. Whether there’s a spiritual component to this practice I don’t feel qualified to comment but I do know from a positive psychology standpoint it very makes absolute sense.

But what I can verify are two interesting facts:

Recent research demonstrates that an ancient Hawaiian practice called ho’oponopono reduces hypertension or lower blood pressure. If you think about it that makes perfect sense because if you learn to let go you’ll experience less stress and tension in  life.

It’s easy to understand that forgiveness is good for your mind and body. Because holding on to resentment and the unwillingness to forgive others creates stress and dis-ease within the individual.

Two, I personally have experimented with the technique and have found it personally useful and beneficial. Why… with getting too woo-woo I have no idea why it works for me but it does. I notice it helps create for myself inner peace particularly after an unpleasant experience. Part of the practice requires you to accept responsibility for the event even though perhaps logically there’s no responsibility on your part. I guess the idea is that we’re all part of a greater whole

1.  I am sorry – Acceptance of responsibility [the first 2 steps this is probably the most difficult part for most people. People often say but it’s not my fault etc… Swallowing the “I” which creates 99.99% of all problems in society. It is a most difficult challenge for most human beings to humble themselves] My suggestion: don’t intellectualise it, let go and trust the process. For some people it might take longer than for others but the process actually does work.

manage stress
manage stress

2. Please forgive me – Forgiveness goes 2 both ways

3.Thank you – Gratitude we know from research such as Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis,that gratitude is very beneficial for the mind and heart. You can learn a lot more about the health and mind benefits of  gratitude here

release tension
manage stress

4. I love you – We all benefits of love

According to research, any technique that helps to  facilitate internal peace such as  Ho’oponopono is good for the mind and psychology and good for the body.

We’d love to hear about your results and experiences with Ho’oponopono. You can write us or comment about here



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