How to Detect a Liar Using NonVerbal Communication

Do you ever feel like someone is not being honest with you? Learn here how nonverbal communication will teach you how to know if someone is lying to you

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21 Scientifically Proven Skills You Need for Influence

Improve your influence, leadership, public speaking, negotiations, sales skills. Here are 21 Scientifically Proven Skills You Need for interpersonal communications and influence.

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How to Nail Your Online Job Interview: 9 Things They’re Looking For

How to Nail Your Online Job Interview: 9 Things They’re Looking For

Making the best first impression face-to-face is one thing, but an online job interview can feel uncomfortable to you. Follow these 9 tips to avoid easy mistakes.

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Identify Micro Expressions

Sales and Interviews Success by Identifying Microexpressions

If you learn to identify and understand subtle facial expressions and micro expressions it will give you a dynamic edge at interpersonal communications. You have a psychological advantage in complex interpersonal interactions at job interviews, negotiations, sales presentations and in your personal life.

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Pupil Dilation | Nonverbal Eye Cues

Are the eyes the windows to the soul? There is a significant amount of scientific evidence that helps us decode the eyes. To the trained professional, the eyes reveal a person’s emotions, what a person is feeling.

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How to Read Lip Expressions and Facial Expressions

Lips reading tells you what another person is feeling about an interaction. Reading Lip expressions and micro expressions show you more than words tell. Lips are great exhibitors of the seven universal micro expressions.

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how intelligence officer detect lying

How Intelligence Officers Detect Lying

Intelligence officers and Law enforcement are often trained to identify and detect lying. There is no single body movement, facial expression, or microexpression that indicates lying. However, a combination of certain expressions and body language can strongly suggest a person is untruthful.

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What Are Micro Expressions?

What are micro expressions? They are involuntary facial expressions that occur within a fraction of a second. These reflexive movements reflect a person’s true emotions regardless of

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5 Basic Body Language Signals of Manipulators

Do you feel like you are being pressured or controlled at work? Or are questioning yourself more than normal? Maybe something just seems off about a person who is supposed to be…

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How to discover and leverage the secret power of listening

Becoming a good listener can positively impact all your relationships, but it’s not just about listening. People need to know you’re listening. Find out why….

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Three Important Nonverbal Behaviours That Communicate Interest

Three secret nonverbal communication examples when someone likes you

Three secret nonverbal communication examples when someone likes you. The question “How can I know if someone is interested in me or my conversation?”

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body language is communicating

What Body Language is Communicating

Body language is communicating? Not every body language gesture you’ve been told means someone is lying. Body language pacifiers are nonverbal behaviors that pacify stress examples include

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