fear of public speaking

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Everyone, at some point in their career, will have to engage in public speaking. Just the thought triggers a fear of public speaking. Learn how to overcome that feeling of fear and anxiety caused by public speaking

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4 Public Speaking Skills You Need

Avoid deadly public speaking mistakes, here are 4 strategies you need to make all of your presentations and public speaking engagements 100% more effective.If you implement these 4 techniques your public speaking and talks will improve by leaps and bounds.

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Change your Perception Overcome your anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety with Perception

How you can better manage your emotions to overcome anxiety. Did you know, emotions distort your perceptions. You will learn here how to overcome anxiety and fear by managing your perception of events and people.

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22 Public Speaking Tips to Overcome your Fear of Presentations

Even Warren Buffett even Had Anxiety of Public Speaking. Early in Buffet´s career he was forced to give presentations and speak in front of people twice his age teaching investment strategies. He practiced these skills over and over again. Today and people hang on every word Warren says. In fact, Warren Buffet´s wisdom

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16 PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Imagine now sitting through another bad and boring PowerPoint presentation that no one wants to listen to can be pure torture. A much worse scenario could be you are the one giving that presentation….

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How to Use Visualisation to Reach Your Goal: A Step By Step Guide

How to Use Visualization to Reach Your Goal: A Step By Step Guide

Learn step by step what is visualization also called mental rehearsal techniques as do Olympian athletes, professional dancer and actors to excel in your craft

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Visualization Demonstration for Success

Visualization Demonstration for Success

Here is a valuable video of a Demonstration of Mental Rehearsal also called Visualization for Success. Believe it, Visualise it,  Achieve it ! Learn how …

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Is your Body Language hurting Your Public Speaking

The research clearly demonstrates that improved body language, body posture clearly improved how you feel, your confidence and the delivery of public speaking. According to John English, body language is taught to female police cadets. What Amy Cuddy calls “power poses.”

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How Mental Rehearsal Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Visualization can positively impact your public speaking, improve athletic performance, a study was published in The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine that explored Mental Rehearsal or Visualization´s effect on healthy and injured participants.

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Become a Master Influencer

This workshop is specifically designed to guide you onto the path toward influencer mastery. You’ll discover the powerful keys and secrets the most successful…

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